Zwiftcast – Episode One – How to listen

November 29, 2015

How to Listen to the Zwiftcast

The Zwiftcast is hosted on Podbean. Follow the link to access it  – you can stream it, or download it.

Episode One on Podbean

Or search for the Podbean app on your Android or ios device to get it on your phone or tablet.

There is a lower quality version on Soundcloud. This might be useful if you have limited bandwidth. It can be streamed or downloaded from here.

Soundcloud – smaller file

The Zwiftcast is available on itunes

Zwiftcast on itunes

Want the RSS feed? Here it is

Zwiftcast RSS Feed

Or get the Podbean app on your Android or ios device. Search for Zwiftcast in app to get it on your phone or tablet.

Podbean app for ios

Podbean app for Android

This episode is about 1 hr 15 mins long – the perfect length for a Zwift session – listen as you train.

I hope you enjoy the Zwiftcast.


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One comment on “Zwiftcast – Episode One – How to listen

  1. Tony Cole Nov 30, 2015

    Thanks Simon, really enjoyed the podcast, nicely enunciated, good quality interviews. Well done. Couple of questions I would be interested to have answered:-

    1). Will there be a “warm-up” area in Zwift, Often you check in to Zwift, confirm all your sensors are working, and start peddling for 5-10 mins to warm up, then realise that your lap times will be adversely affected.

    2). It would be great to have the ability to “mark” other riders, so that as laps progress, you can see how far ahead/behind they are. This is especially useful during busy times when huge numbers of riders are on the course.

    3) Will there be the ability to ride against a previous ride, maybe showing up as a “green” ghost. This would be useful in addressing weak areas of a ride (for me, that’s hills), and allow better pacing.

    Keep up the good work.

    Kind regards

    Tony © 2017