Zwiftcast – Episode 24

April 13, 2017

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Simon, Shane and Nathan are together – in the same place, and that place is Las Vegas! The Zwiftcasters are in the Nevada desert for the very first CVR World Champs, which is virtual bike racing as never before. Whilst the event takes top billing in this podcast, it’s not the only things the boys find time to talk about.

In a more chatty than usual podcast, the trio discuss Frank Garcia’s ambitious staging of Zwift racing as an ESport. If you don’t know what this is, after listening to this ‘cast, you’ll be much wiser. But there’s room for more than just racing.

Simon talks to Any Tough and his six year old son Daniel, about Kid Zwifting, its benefits and how the game can inspire youngsters to get involved in exercise and fitness.

Simon,  Shane and Nathan also mull over the E Fondo on Zwift; the film Zwift made about Mat Hayman and the advent of more data with the Zwift Ride Report.

But the birth of Zwifting as an ESport at scale does dominate this ‘cast, not least because of Shane’s “surprise” second place. The chaps dissect the event and debate what it may mean for the development of the platform.

This podcast is a little more chatty than usual – perhaps not surprising as the hosts don’t have to wrestle with the obvious disadvantages of being on three different continents. We hope you enjoy it.

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4 comments on “Zwiftcast – Episode 24

  1. Pete F Apr 18, 2017

    Was there some notes etc with this episode about the actual gear to setup a kid on Zwift? My 7 year old is very keen, but I haven’t tried her bike on my old fluid trainer and don’t fancy her chances on rollers!

  2. I’ll chase this up!

  3. Pete F Apr 18, 2017

    Thanks Simon, I’m most interested in the types of trainers (if any) that will accept piddly kid size wheels. After Shane’s excellent video on setting up Zwift on the cheap I have it on my iPad now, no sensors but otherwise it’s great. What an amazing world we live in now, and thanks to the 3 of you for opening these possibilities up. Cycling can be a very selfish sport, so anything I can do together with the two mini-me is great.

    • Pete – Andy has now kindly written a piece on how he did it and supplied some photos. It’s posted both on Zwiftcast FB page and the Zwiftcast Listeners group. © 2017