Zwiftcast – Episode 2

December 17, 2015

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Karissa Minn joins the Zwiftcast to discuss what’s been happening on the FB groups – we cover: Explaining Zwift to a non-Zwifter; How Old Are Zwifters? and Inspirational Zwift users.

Pro rider and Zwift ambassador Ted King answers questions posed by the Zwift community. Ted’s site

Rider Rick Wood and coach David Lipscomb discuss their race-winning Virtual Coaching tactic.  David’s coaching site

Ray Brown, fast becoming a Zwift legend for his huge rides, tells us how he does it.

Kevin Abt, big cheese at Wahoo, answers some questions about new trainers and explains ERG mode.

Michael Giudicissi tells us how he’s getting on with the 12 Week FTP Builder programme.

And Shane Miller provides a quick review of the new Zwift Workout Creator.




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4 comments on “Zwiftcast – Episode 2

  1. Another great episode, even better than the first I think!

    Looking forward to the high end review next time but also interested in a comparison review of the cheapest smart trainers around. Great to hear all the interviews. I was going to have a rest day today but after hearing Ray I’m going to go one more day and rest tomorrow! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Brett Dec 19, 2015

    Great episode Simon. Very inspirational interview with Ray.

  3. midgen21 Dec 23, 2015

    Hey Simon, I just found your podcast, and am about halfway through Episode 1.

    I love the content. I’m very interested in indoor cycling. It’s my primary form of getting exercise these days, and I’m always looking for ways to break up the monotony.

    I do have a little feedback for you.

    I listen to your podcast on my Sonos Play:3 in my workout room, streaming via Soundcloud, and the volume levels are all over the map. I have to crank the volume to hear some dialog, and then when a change happens (different speaker, etc..) it goes way up and I have to dive for the remote to turn down the volume.

    Also, in the interest of sorting playlists, it would be helpful if you named the podcasts consistently, in a sortable way. Your current names “Zwifcast Episode One” and “EPISODE TWO” sort backwards in terms of play order.

    Anyway, hope to be around and listening for a long long time. Please keep the episodes coming =)

    Jim Hansen
    Bothell, WA, USA © 2017