Zwiftcast – Episode 1

November 29, 2015

Eric Min, the CEO of Zwift, speaks at length and candidly on all things Zwifty. He’s got news on how many users he thinks we will see on the platform in January. He’s got news on when we might see new courses and how they might work. A velodrome? Listen and hear Eric’s thoughts. Is Zwift getting glitchy and is tech support able to do enough? Eric answers some tricky questions honestly and straight-forwardly.

Shane Miller, a prominent Zwifter in Australia talks to me about the Week on the FB groups – who’s saying what and why and are they right? Want to know a little more about Shane? Here’s a link to a feature in the Zwift blog. Meet Shane

Why are only 8% of Zwifters women? Cassie Baldi comes on to the Zwiftcast to explain how she’s trying to change that state of affairs.

How do you prepare for and complete the FTP test?  Jon Sharples is the man who helped put the sports science into the Zwift Workout mode and he’s got some brilliant tips on how to make your FTP test as bearable, and more important, as powerful as possible. Find out more about Jon’s company, which he runs with the legendary Sean Yates here. Train Sharp

Mick Neal, a veteran Zwifter who’s been on the platform right from the start, talks to me about what gets our goat. Not in a horrible way – but we rehearse some niggles we’d love to see the Zwift team fix.

James Gill, the indefatigable organiser of the ZTR (Zwift TRaining Races) has got some great advice if you’ve fancied racing but not been sure where to start.

And finally – I’m a novice podcaster, so be kind, but I’d welcome feedback and what you’d like to hear in the next episode. email me at leave me a Skype voicemail at simon.schofield63. Or you’ll find me hanging around the FB groups.


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8 comments on “Zwiftcast – Episode 1

  1. Jeff Preston Nov 29, 2015

    Just listened to the first Zwiftcast. All I can say is Cast On! Great job all round. Listened, as recommended, while riding my hour on Zwift and found the topics flow and approach outstanding. Look forward to listening to all your Zwiftcasts.

  2. Christoph Nov 30, 2015

    Great episode. and very well done!

  3. Very interesting and well done! I am looking forward to the next episodes. “Behind the scenes” is my favourite topic.

  4. Really enjoyed the Zwiftcast, Simon!

  5. Craig Feringa Dec 3, 2015

    I really liked the podcast. I enjoyed hearing Eric M. discuss Zwift and discuss the upcoming events. My only suggestion is that in future episodes, you have one guest and make the interview a bit longer. Another idea is to have a guest co-host to have more of a general conversation about some aspect of zwift. Some ideas include: having the group leaders of the rides on to discuss the problems they are having; fellow zwifters who are coaches to discuss ways to improve (especially when coaches start writing training plans for zwift) A suggestion for a trainer is Rachel Zambrano who is helping me lose weight and improve fitness. Another suggestion is to have a segment “zwifter in the spotlight” or something .. .where you interview a variety of people on zwift to explore their experience and why they are there. Another suggestion is to have people write to you about their technical issues and recruit one of the techie zwift riders to serve as your ‘tech expert’ …(unless you can get a Zwift techie) …. and each podcast you go over that one/two issues with that person .. he/she becomes a ‘regular’ on the podcast.
    The other issue to smooth out is the sound volume between you and guests…. sometimes there is a huge difference in the volumes. Great job. I listen to tons of podcasts and love to have a zwift option.

  6. Just listened to the podcast i enjoyed it all the way through. Thanks for such a great initiative, Simon. I’ve only been using Zwift a couple of week, addicted already ;O) and your podcast program brings to us a lot of good quality stuff. Gracias and full gas Simon!

  7. Great first show, well done. I’m looking forward to the next one.

    One problem I had was with the sound levels. I had to keep changing the volume up and down whilst listening in the car when different people were talking. Only a small issue though compared to how good it was overall.

    I’m listening in to hear what’s planned for the future and hopefully hear some interesting hints and tips.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Great work, very interesting to listen (I’m from Norway). I guess my suggestions is to keep up what you’ve started. I think you have a great balance between different perspectives. The user side, the development (both technical and content), and the business side. What maybe has greatest interest is “what to come”, – the roadmap. And this is probably most difficult to get hands on.
    I’d like a report from a race…
    The races is really a new way of entertainment. I want a reflection of a race, – a resyme of what happened, – and an interview with the winner or both nr 1 and nr 2. © 2017