Episode 33 Eurobike Special – Video

September 2, 2017

Simon is with Shane and special guest D C Rainmaker, aka Ray Maker, to discuss the latest trends and themes of interest to Zwifters to emerge from the world’s biggest bike show – Eurobike.

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Despite the podcast being interrupted by a cataclysmic storm, the trio battle on to discuss the Kickr CLIMB, probably the most innovative project to emerge at the show. The device which elevates the front wheel of a bike on a trainer will “make Zwift much more fun” according to Wahoo president Chip Hawkins.

The chaps analyse the “pointless gimmick vs amazing innovation” argument and also discuss what looks like plans by Zwift to increase subscription prices. Is the software company now an industry leader? The question emerged as Zwift hosted a get together for all the movers and shakers in the indoor training business at Eurobike.

Tacx debuted a prototype of their Smart Bike project at the show and Simon, Shane and Ray discuss whether the very high likely price of these will be a barrier to adoption.

After pausing to prop up a collapsed awning on Ray’s RV as a storm raged, the boys discuss more products and trends of interest to Zwifters including the “Dorrito” shortage and a new quiet trainer from Aussie company JetBlack.

The podcast is wrapped up with a light-hearted discussion on “my favourite thing” from this show with two out of the three hosts confessing to coveting the CLIMB.

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