Zwiftcast – Episode 7

August 10, 2016

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For this episode we are also trying a new way of listening to the Zwiftcast. Look out on selected Group Rides and Events on Zwift where you may find a button to enable you to listen as you Zwift, in-game, using the platform’s new audio functionality.


Simon, Shane and Nathan get together to discuss the latest Zwift news, plus a series of features on matters of interest to all Zwifters.

Nathan relates how he broke his collar bone racing and how Zwift is helping his rehab.

There’s a feature with Tim Searle, leader of the Australian HDR ride, which is drawing huge numbers and may now be the biggest group ride on Zwift.

Charlie Issendorf, VP of Events for Zwift, tells us how the new Event Module is bedding in and forecasts how it’s going to develop in coming weeks.

Simon, Shane and Nathan discus the new London course, the advent of bad weather on Zwift and speculate about the possible introduction of a velodrome..

Team Sky’s Head of Innovation, Simon Jones, a keen Zwifter, talks about how augmented reality and virtual reality may have a part to play in pro rider training in the future.

In part two of our interview with Charlie, we discuss the next stage in the development of the platform towards a general fitness arena, with the testing of running in the virtual environments.

This episode of the Zwiftcast wraps up with a discussion on a slew of new trainers which have just been announced.

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