Zwiftcast – Episode 5

February 18, 2016

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In this episode US Zwifter John Hampton joins me to discuss the latest talking points in Zwift. We cover his One True Scotsman theory; the Fort Bragg police and ask why cyclists are so fussy.

Rachael Elliott made Zwift history when she became the first woman to win a race in a male dominated field. Some questioned her performance – but they were wrong. Rachael reveals how it felt from her side.

Special Guest G Master is on the Zwiftcast – or at least someone who seems to know a bit about who the mysterious figure is and what he does.

David Desrosiers discusses his brilliantly useful new resource for Zwifters – the Zwift Riders knowledge base. Knowledge Base

The article in the kb about improving frame rate is here. Frame Rate improvements

Lots of people are now completing the 12 Week FTP Builder programme – we hear from a Zwifter whose FTP has rocketed thanks to his commitment to the plan.

And we’re in Belgium to hear how Zwift is being received in the land of the hardman cyclist.

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7 comments on “Zwiftcast – Episode 5

  1. Jon Dunsdon Feb 21, 2016

    Can you post the link to knowledge base, and specifically the article on framerate improvements? Thanks

  2. Scott Feb 23, 2016

    I love the Zwiftcast, but the varying sound levels make it very difficult to listen to. Sometimes, I just have to shut it off, to be honest. Specifically, I find myself frequently adjusting the volume to compensate for blaring loud bumper music and your whisper quiet voice. Both are great, but just too loud or too quiet. The content and everything else is wonderful and a real complement to Zwift itself, and cycling in general.

    • Hi Scott – thanks for this. I know I had a problem on Eps 1,2 and 3, but I thought I had fixed it on 4 and 5. As a matter of interest – and as a one man market research panel – would you be minded to pay for the Zwiftcast? Say a dollar an episode? Or a little more? I now really need to invest in some better software and equipment and, with the the obvious time commitment, it seems perhaps reasonable to start asking this question. I’d be very interested to hear what you think. best wishes. simon

      • Scott Mar 1, 2016

        I will give a listen to episodes 4 and 5 again. I wouldn’t rule out paying a subscription rate, but I would think advertisers are the answer. Maybe even a partnership with Zwift; they really benefit from the service you provide to the community. Thanks for all you do, Simon.

    • I also find the volume level issue frustrating. I’ve listened to episodes 1-3 and it seems to happen when you begin interviewing other people. Your level drops into the mud compared to your guest’s level making it very difficult to hear you while keeping your guest at a tolerable volume. When the podcasts first start, your mic level seems great. It’s when you switch to interviewing guests that the level difference becomes noticeable for me. I’d suggest looking into some volume normalizing software. I have not listened to episodes 4-6 yet so hoping you got it worked out. I really enjoy your work. The zwiftcast is great!

  3. monsiso May 28, 2016

    Long time no see Simon. Hope all good with you. Surely most of your followers missing content and pace. When next episode? To your previous Q, I agree with sponsors but would also understand something like a donation…
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