Episode 78

March 20, 2020

The Zwiftcasters are working from home! But then we always do 🙂 Simon, Shane and Nathan are back together to discuss how the extraordinary events of the past weeks have been impacting them personally, the sport they love – and the cycling game that is providing both escape from, and therapy for, a troubled world.
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That doesn’t mean we are ignoring the virus – that’s impossible. And we hope Listeners understand that we can’t not talk about what everyone is talking about.

In the light of the huge surge of Zwifters onto the platform, many of them new, the Zwiftcast has re-opened Peak Zwift Guessing Game. Tune in to see how big Simon, Shane and Nathan think the surge will be.

The importance of online communities in these difficult times is elevated and the chaps discuss how the Zwift Community is responding, with increased participation in events and lots of special guest riders, in the form of pro riders, turning up and helping to foster a sense of togetherness.

And we have the full extraordinary story of how Zwift staff negotiated their way through a locked down quarantine zone in the UAE to bring some relief to pro riders stranded in their hotel rooms by the virus.

These are difficult and distressing times. . . .but remember: you never feel worse after a bike ride. We hope you enjoy listening.

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