Episode 63

March 20, 2020

Simon, Shane and Nathan re-convene to bring listeners up to date on all the latest Zwiftery.

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This episode starts with something of a monologue from Simon letting listeners know what’s really been going on with his “bad knee”.

The Zwiftcasters move on to discuss the latest course extension and what it may mean for the future of time trialling on Zwift. They spend a bit of time getting lost in the forest too 😉

Listener Graham Springett sets the trio right on their failure to appreciate the full nuances in the word “blob” but neither Shane nor Nathan can be persuaded.

The Tour of Watopia has whipped up a little controversy in the community and the chaps discuss how difficult it can be to manage these juggernaut events.

Both British Cycling and the UCI, the worldwide governing body for cycling, have released statements with subjects of interest to Zwifters and the Zwiftcasters add their analysis.

Finally Simon talks to his clubmate Greg Hilton about atrial fibrillation, the heart condition which has been part of Simon’s medical melodrama this winter.

We hope you enjoy listening.

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