Episode 61

February 26, 2019

This episode leads with the biggest news in indoor cycling of all time – the purchase of Dutch trainer company by American gizmo giant, Garmin. Simon, Shane and Nathan, with some help from D C Rainmaker, debate what this could mean for Zwift – and Zwifters.
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The Zwftcasters spend a good deal of time on this – and come up with a whole raft of theories, before moving on to discuss the continuing story of World Choice on the Zwift platform and how at times, the options available to Zwifters produce what some might see as surprising results.
Next : have we seen a glimpse of the Watopia extension? And if we have, is the publication of a snippet hidden deep in the code justified?
The podcasters move on to discuss the burgeoning and highly exciting racing scene, with the launch of the KISS Women’s Super League series, the entry into e-racing of global telco giant Telefonica and analysis of whether the improving coverage of virtual bike racing is a tantalising sign of the possible future.
Finally, the chaps shed a tear for Jarvis Island, officially now consigned to history – we’ll never see the little island again.

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2 comments on “Episode 61

  1. Marc Simkin Feb 26, 2019

    Simon two thoughts about this podcast.

    1) after the Garmin/Tacx deal closes you will be able to find out the purchase price. The information will be publicly available in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Edgar Web Site.

    2) Shane mention how he felt that the Peloton class leaders become personalities. They were personalities before being hired by Peloton. Peloton has been hiring class leaders from NYC, LA, etc that already had significant followings.

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