Episode 59

December 14, 2018

A bumper end of year Zwiftcast, not full of “Best Of” or “Year in Review” material as is traditional elsewhere – but jam-packed with lots and lots and lots of Shiny New Things.
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Simon, Shane and Nathan discuss the flood of new features in the game, in Zwift Companion and, not least, in the real world.

Zwift has announced the formation of a Super League Race Series, featuring professional cycling teams. In partnership with respected race organisers, KISS, the League will feature men, women’s and perhaps most importantly Zwifters competing on the platform, all under the official Zwift banner. The Zwiftcasters discuss this and speculate whether, with domestic pro teams now signed up, the next logical step may be World Tour Teams.

Elsewhere the significance of Zwift’s partnership with arguably the cycling world’s most influential and successful national federation, British Cycling, is put through the Zwiftcaster grinder.

In the actual game, Simon, Shane and Nathan discuss the new Level 50 and its implementation; the wholesale re-launch of Zwift Companion, including private meet-ups and much improved data analysis as well as race results.

There’s a feature on and discussion of Zwift’s new shop plus a real world, long term review of the Elite Direto from an experienced Zwifter.

The Zwiftcasters discuss their attitude and ability to rest in the face of cycling injuries. Caution: may include Simon’s knee.

This will be the final Zwiftcast of 2018. May we thank all the podcast’s loyal listeners for downloading and listening over the course of the year. See you in 2019.

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