Episode 50

September 10, 2018

Simon, Shane and Nathan are back for a minor landmark in Zwiftcast history, with the publication of the 50th episode. . . and as usual, there’s plenty to detain the Zwifcasters as they ponder developments in the Zwiftiverse.

The trio herald the half century with a chat that clarifies which new courses are due and maybe when . . . we now know we’re getting two new maps and late summer/early Autumn is looking favourite for release.

Switching gears, there’s a chat with Rachael Elliott on the progress of her recovery from her serious stroke, which left the noted Zwift and IRL racer with permanently impaired vision. Rachael is candid about her low moments, but equally positive about the effect of the support the community has given her.There’s also a chance to find out more about a special charity fund-raising effort for the Stoke Association, led by Rachael’s friend and the leading light of Zwift Power, Glen Knight.

Speaking of which . . . . . Simon, Shane and Nathan spell out what we know about the temporary suspension of Zwift Power and walk through some of the complex factors which have led to the much-appreciated service going dark.Sticking with tech, with the imminent arrival of Eurobike , the Zwiftcasters talk trainers, ranging over the slow pace of development around Smart Bikes and SRAM’s acquisition of Computrainer.

Shane’s review of the Wattbike Atom was less than flattering about its performance on Zwift and that leads to a discussion about the honesty of reviews and the reaction from brands whose products are put through Shane’s Lama Lab and come out battered and bruised.

This episode ends with Shane and Nathan instantly signing up for another 50! Have they thought that one through? Hope you enjoy listening

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