Episode 37 – Zwift CEO Eric Min Special

November 9, 2017

This episode is devoted to a conversation with Zwift chief executive Eric Min.
It’s a wide-ranging look at where the platform is in terms of fulfilled potential and how Zwift is preparing for growth this winter.
Eric updates Zwiftcast listeners and viewers about the number of customers and how the business is coping with churn. There’s also an illuminating discussion on what’s planned for course updates. Simon and Eric go on to chat about the Draft (nailing a few myths along the way) Racing, the Academies and Voice. In the Quickfire Questions section Eric answers many of the most often-asked questions from the community.
It’s a fascinating insight into what’s planned for the platform and the business – right from the very top.

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3 comments on “Episode 37 – Zwift CEO Eric Min Special

  1. Alan Dempsey Nov 21, 2017

    Zwift price increase: Hey not sure you are finished your next pod on this subject but here is something to consider…. I think Zwift are being very smart with their HUGE price increase, from a corporate perspective better to cut your customers with one big cut and suffer all the social media negativity then death by a 1000 cuts and constant negativity and bad blood. It was ingenious to protect their current customer base by 1 year and let us get used to it and normalise it (also the time of year means we are all in training mode) so from a strategy perspective its faultless in my opinion. BUT what worries me is I now realise the REAL lack of competition in this market, Trainer Road yea but I tested it out earlier this season and TBH there’s no real comparison any more.
    I am Irish and I remember the times when to go from Dublin to London was around 400 euro approx (in punts) and Aer Lingus said they couldn’t do any better (there was no real competition) along comes Ryanair and blows them out of the water now I can get to London for 100 euro or less depending on how far ahead I book it (On both Ryanair AND Aer Lingus)
    Zwift dominance in the market worries me and the barriers to entry for true competition in the future (based on current technology at least) is massive from a R&D perspective so any companies dominance is a BAD thing, we need a trainer road (a better one) for competition and I for one, although I love Zwift would be willing to jump between Zwift and Trainer Road just to keep the competition available.
    Food for thought. Love the podcast btw

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