Episode 35

October 22, 2017

The Zwiftcasters are back to discuss a busy period for new developments on the platform. With Simon and Shane in Melbourne and Nathan in the States, the first subject to come under the Zwiftcast gaze is Zwift’s new look. It’s safe to say Shane isn’t keen! Two Zwift executives tell the trio what the thinking behind the change is.
Pete Donohue, an Australian Zwifter, has an inspirational story about how Zwift, in his own words, “saved his life” and why that means ge remains very much attached to the old logo – in more ways than one!
Next up is the big KISS/Zwift E Crit final which took place in Melbourne. Simon and Shane, who were both there, vote the ambitious event a success and they join Nathan to discuss if this could mean Zwift really throwing its weight behind virtual racing.
The Ten Commandments of Zwift is just a bit of fun – as the Zwiftcast, with a little help from its friends, comes up with ten thoughts about etiquette when riding in the virtual world. The commandments are NOT chiselled in stone!
The boys speculate about what the new Watopia extension might contain and there’s a tiny bit of news about Zwift possibly arriving on Apple TV soon.
Is social shaming the way to defeat cheats in Zwift racing – or could a code of conduct be a better way? The Zwiftcasters add their thoughts to this contentious area.
It’s a packed podcast – available both in audio and on video on the Zwiftcast Channel on YouTube. We hope you enjoy it however you watch or listen.

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