Episode 34

September 15, 2017

Episode 34 of the Zwiftcast is now available to either watch or listen.

The Video Version and the Audio Version are both here
The Video Version and the Audio Version are both here

Simon, Shane and Nathan discuss the ever-changing and vibrant happenings in Zwift. It’s trainer season so the manufacturers are busy with new launches, upgrades – and keeping up with demand. The Zwiftcast trio assess the “world’s first Smart Bike” from Wattbike, in the shape of the Atom. Verdict: looks pretty tasty but with availability limited to the UK initially, Zwifters in other parts of the world are going to have to be patient.
There’s news on the action Elite is taking to stem the shortage of their popular and highly-rated new trainer, the Direto and some interesting chat from the Zwiftcast hosts on the relationship between Smart Trainer ownership and the likelihood of staying subscribed to Zwift.
The podcast has a new regular feature starting which should help Zwifters with their nutrition questions. Professor Asker Jeukendrup is exceptionally well-qualified – and a bike rider and triathlete to boot. We meet Asker this episode and look forward to how he can help Zwifters fuel training.
A new update has just landed, and Simon, Shane and Nathan discuss its merits – as well as looking forward to what they believe will be a transformative arrival. Group Workouts are due soon and all three Zwiftcasters are very excited.
Next the chaps move on to discuss what’s shaping up to be a runaway success – the Zwift Academies. With 10,000 riders now enrolled in both Academies, the Zwift exec charged with keeping everything on track, Tom Hargreaves, talks about the challenges – and discusses what might be coming next in this area.
The Zwiftcasters polish off this episode with a discussion of “shenanigans” around the wild card entry for the Aussie e-crit final and the thread on Reddit which discusses Zwift – from a perspective beyond the boundaries of the mainstream Zwift community.

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