Zwiftcast – Episode 17

December 19, 2016

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Simon, Shane and Nathan wrap up the year with a look at the new stuff on Zwift.

Before the boys get going there’s an interview with Leah Thorvilson, done just a few hours after she learned she was the winner of the Zwift Academy scheme. It’s a revealing and candid reaction.

With iOS finally out, and the expected influx of new users to the platform, the trio debate the one big surprise – the inclusion of running as a secret, and unsupported, feature on the app.

While we welcome runners, the trio are less enthusiastic about signs of tension in the community between experienced and new users, and Simon, Shane and Nathan discuss the best way to overcome it.

The new trainer from Tacx, the eagerly-awaited Flux, seems to be having a difficult birth and Simon and Shane discuss how hard it can be to get the internet to forget.

Simon has two reports from Italy – and his visit to Elite’s headquarters. The trainer manufacturer has introduced new standards for accuracy, and Simon finds out how it’s done.

The mysteries of the draft on Zwift are many – and one user, Andrew Williams, a lighter rider, thinks he’s falling victim to lighter riders getting the rough end of the deal after recent changes. Simon explores the matter with Andrew and long-time Zwifter Christian Wiedemann.

The lads sum up the discussion with a unanimous request to Zwift to discuss and consult with the community about the draft.

Simon’s second report from Elite looks at the critical issue of quality control for trainer manufacturers. The report is followed up with a discussion on how important accuracy is at the moment for the different types of Zwift users.

Finally the boys discuss how likely it will be that they get to ride their bikes on Christmas Day.

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One comment on “Zwiftcast – Episode 17

  1. Charles Jan 1, 2017

    Hi, just wanted to share how much I’ve enjoyed listening to your podcast. Quick story: Like a lot of us, I have ambitions of starting the new year off by committing to an exercise plan, and during December I was debating which online training platform would be the foundation for that, debating mostly between Zwift and TrainerRoad. I had a bit of time off during the holidays and ended up listening to all 17 of your episodes during a three-day period. Great information, and as I’m sure you can guess, I decided to go with Zwift. The episodes were engaging, filled with helpful information, and I also enjoyed hearing from such a wide variety of Zwifters. I did my first Zwift ride of 2017 this morning, and I look forward to listening to your future episodes as the Zwift platform continues to develop.

    One bit of (hopefully) constructive feedback, if I may: The main interviewer often “leads” his subject with his questions, by stating his opinion and then asking the subject a closed-ended question that can simply be answered with a “yes or no” response. I think a few more open-ended questions would make the currently solid interviews even better in the future. As a Journalism Major in school, I can’t help but notice this!

    Again, great job, and thank you for the podcast.

    Charles © 2017