Zwiftcast – Episode 16

December 9, 2016

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Simon, Shane and Nathan get together to discuss the latest in the land of Zwift . . . . with the seemingly endless wait for the iOS version the first subject for a bit of light-hearted banter. The other eagerly-awaited new toy for Zwifters, the Tacx Flux, did show up this week – but the boys are a little concerned about its laggard sprint capabilities.

A matter which caused no little controversy on Zwift was Christopher O Hearn’s idea for a Trip Advisor-style ratings site to assess the quality of group rides. The notion has not gone down well with ride leaders and Christopher appears on the podcast to make his case. Simon, Shane and Nathan assess its merits, or otherwise.

The Zwift Academy scheme, whereby one female rider will be recruited to pro team Canyon SRAM after a months-long talent trawl on the platform, reaches its finale in the coming week. Finalist Leah Thorvilson, one of three riders to make the grade in the last casting call, tells listeners how she’s feeling about the test that awaits.

Trainer Road fought back this week – with a post from their CEO pleading with people to stop copying its workouts into Zwift. It’s a fair point and he’s quite right – but it prompts a discussion on how effective a competitor Trainer Road can remain as Zwift’s social cycling model just gets bigger and bigger.

Whilst Leah is in the final three of the ZA scheme, another very strong rider,Rachael Elliott, agonisingly, isn’t. Despite being invited to Mallorca, Rachael had to decline. The popular Zwift power-house explains what led her to have to say No.

With hundreds, perhaps thousands, of new Zwifters flooding on to the platform, the podcast asks:What Are Teams For? One of the biggest and most pioneering teams in Zwift, ODZ, is on hand to supply answers.

The lads wrap up this edition with a brief return to iOS – still trying to find the funny side.


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One comment on “Zwiftcast – Episode 16

  1. Chris Bailey Dec 13, 2016

    So now that IOS is out I won’t comment on that cause them may take it back and have us wait another week. I did want to comment that a ride review system might be possible if the metrics were something like the average ride ons for the leader per rider per participant or something a bit more tied in the game as I am sure most of the best leaders would have great averages. I do try and follow one or two leaders cause they know how much feedback is needed to keep the group together or to regroup etc. Monica Holmes is my top pick and I know she has a large and growing following. Another idea that I think would help would be a separate beacon to designate the sweepers so folks know when a life line is being tossed to them and maybe a new icon to highlight your name if you are looking for help?. I’ve been sweeping and sometime folks don’t realize that you are dropping back to pick you up or it is tough to see who needs/wants help etc. Otherwise great show — always look forward the to the next discussion, Ride On! © 2017