Zwiftcast – Episode 14

November 11, 2016

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Simon, Shane and Nathan are back – and the first few minutes of this edition are devoted to picking over some of the bones of the last episode’s interview with Eric Min, the CEO of Zwift. We talk about how soon Zwifters might feel the benefit of the huge new investment in Zwift from outside funders; and what Eric might have meant by a Smart Bike.

The first interview on this episode is with celebrity Zwifter, the Paralympian Jody Cundy, who talks about Rio, Gold Medals, how much the kilo hurts – and getting famous from a hissy fit. You can see Jody’s exploits here

Simon, Shane and Nathan follow up with a discussion about the celebrated art of bike hurling – and whether it ought to be represented in game. Nathan introduces the hilarious idea of a potential “OhioThrow”. You can see the Bradley Wiggins incident which the boys discuss here

There’s a very exciting set of new rides and races coming to Zwift with the Dutch National Team. The originators discuss how it came about and what we might expect. There’s more on this story here

Simon has been spending time on the new top end trainer from Elite, the Drivo and he delivers his verdict in a detailed review and we have an interview with Derek Boocock, the rider who completed a remarkable distance record on Zwift.

Hope you enjoy listening.

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One comment on “Zwiftcast – Episode 14

  1. Pete F Dec 4, 2016

    I was riding along listening to the podcast in one ear and laughed loudly when the topic of bike chucking came up. I’m sure anyone who saw me thought I was a nut-job! Bike-chucking absolutely needs to be included in the game. I think we focus so much attention on racing, power, specific training, etc etc, all serious stuff, so it’s great to just have a few moments for light-hearted fun. Maybe when closing the game if you hit “discard” instead of “save”, the avatar chucks the bike. Maybe we could “rate the ride” at the end of the session, and a 1 out of a maximum of 5 chucks the bike. I don’t know how it would be integrated, just that it would need to be something that people weren’t constantly doing, and when you saw it, it made you laugh. © 2017