Zwiftcast Episode 12

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Simon, Shane and Nathan are back to discuss the increasingly lively – and populous – Zwift platform.

We start this episode with a big discussion on the major success, and minor failings, of the Tacx World Champs series of races. Zwift VP of Marketing Steve Beckett answers questions on why around 10% of users had problems during the race – with Shane, Nathan and Simon, along with KISS race organisers, seeking some perspective on the event.

With Zwift becoming ever busier, is it time for the opposition to walk in fear of the Zwift indoor riding bulldozer, or are they raising their game to compete? We discuss.

A French academic working at a German University reveals the results of his research into how avatars in “exer-games”, like Zwift, may actually influence the performance of the user.

Zwift community stalwart Eric Schlange makes a long-overdue appearance on the podcast to discuss his painstaking tests to find out which bikes are fastest on Zwift; discuss his IRL racing career and chew the fat a bit about expensive trainers.

Zwifter Paul Stokes has been co-opted onto the Zwiftcast to review the new Elite Rampa trainer. What does an “ordinary Zwifter”, someone who doesn’t ride a whole lot of trainers, make of the rival to the Vortex and the SNAP?

And we talk to Tam Burns, the man who’s coming back for a second bite at the cherry. After organising a massively popular mass participation race last year, when the lack of an event module made that an arduous task, Tam is again devoting time and energy to staging a big race. Why does he do it?

Plus lots more Zwift-related chat on a whole lot of subjects that all Zwifters should find of interest.

Zwiftcast – Episode 11

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Shane, Nathan and Simon are back together for the first time in a couple of episodes to discuss all matters Zwift. The boys kick off with a discussion on how “refuseniks” now seem to be flocking into Zwift; catch up on the latest Zwift on  iOS chatter and summarise how things have been going in Australia as the end of the indoor season nears.

There’s a short feature comparing the noise emitted by the new Wahoo KICKR compared to the older version and a discussion on whether noise could be the new battleground in the fiercely-competitive Smart Trainer market.

After hearing from Zwifter Peter Maloney about how he’d like to find other Zwifters riding on with multiple sclerosis by changing his name to indicate he has the condition, Simon, Shane and Nathan go on to discuss the tendency for people to change their real names in the game, wondering whether anonymity is a good thing or not.

One of the KISS race series organisers Glen Knight is on the Zwiftcast to discuss the upcoming Tacx World Championships and Simon, Shane and Nathan discuss which nation may be favourite to take the title.

Experienced Zwifter Antony Henson tests out two of the top of the range trainers, to help Zwifters who may be in the market for a Smart Trainer this season to make a decision. Is the Tacx Neo or the Wahoo KICKR the best buy?

And veteran indoor rider Colin Peerman gives his verdict on the value of the best Smart Trainers – compared to the many other trainers he’s owned.

Simon, Shane and Nathan round off this edition with a lively discussion on how race starts can best be regulated in Zwift.