Zwiftcast – Episode 4

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In this episode, former world track champion and Zwift insider, Mike McCarthy dispenses some real wisdom on how to get the best from Workout Mode.

Race organiser and all round good egg, Christian Wiedemann joins me to discuss the latest chatter on the groups.

The “Queen of Zwift” Julynn Washington has completed 19 metric and imperial centuries. She’s got tips on how to get the 100.

Rollers are perhaps not the most popular choice for Zwifters – but Jeremy Brazeal has lots to say in their praise.

And Derek Boocock gives us some highlights from his amazing life story – and explains how Zwifting with just one lung is propelling him back to fitness after his latest brush with cancer.



Zwiftcast-Special: Event Module

No – it’s not released yet. But lots of Zwifters can’t wait for its arrival. The Zwiftcast has assembled a round table of “Zwift Elders” to speculate on what might be in it, devise a wish list for what they’d like to be in it and chat about how it might develop.

Race organiser, James Gill; Ladies’ champion and group ride leader Cassie Baldi and team organiser and group ride leader Frank Garcia chew the fat.

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Zwiftcast – Episode 3

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What’s In Episode Three

I’m chatting with Chris Parker, the founder of the UK Zwifters group, about the latest on the FB groups, including the Watopia extension and swearing in-game. CEO Eric Min tells us what plans Zwift has to clean up profane text messages.

Zwift staffer Steve Beckett reveals – a little – about some Zwift news due to be revealed in full at the Tour Down Under.

New Zwifter Marcus Neal has a great story to tell – uplifting and positive – about how Zwift and cycling have changed his life.

In a two part interview with Steve Beckett, offers some fascinating glimpses of what’s likely to be in the Events Module  and Steve is forthright about what constitutes good group riding. We also discuss the soon-to-come Mountain Route and talk a little about the “Zwift vision”.

The Tacx Neo and the Wahoo Kickr,  top of the list of most desirable trainers,  go head-to-head in a Zwiftcast test and review segment.

And we meet the Voice of Zwift, ace racing commentator Nathan Guerra.

Plus, the names of our competition winners are revealed.

I hope you enjoy the Zwiftcast!