Zwiftcast – Episode 1

Eric Min, the CEO of Zwift, speaks at length and candidly on all things Zwifty. He’s got news on how many users he thinks we will see on the platform in January. He’s got news on when we might see new courses and how they might work. A velodrome? Listen and hear Eric’s thoughts. Is Zwift getting glitchy and is tech support able to do enough? Eric answers some tricky questions honestly and straight-forwardly.

Shane Miller, a prominent Zwifter in Australia talks to me about the Week on the FB groups – who’s saying what and why and are they right? Want to know a little more about Shane? Here’s a link to a feature in the Zwift blog. Meet Shane

Why are only 8% of Zwifters women? Cassie Baldi comes on to the Zwiftcast to explain how she’s trying to change that state of affairs.

How do you prepare for and complete the FTP test?  Jon Sharples is the man who helped put the sports science into the Zwift Workout mode and he’s got some brilliant tips on how to make your FTP test as bearable, and more important, as powerful as possible. Find out more about Jon’s company, which he runs with the legendary Sean Yates here. Train Sharp

Mick Neal, a veteran Zwifter who’s been on the platform right from the start, talks to me about what gets our goat. Not in a horrible way – but we rehearse some niggles we’d love to see the Zwift team fix.

James Gill, the indefatigable organiser of the ZTR (Zwift TRaining Races) has got some great advice if you’ve fancied racing but not been sure where to start.

And finally – I’m a novice podcaster, so be kind, but I’d welcome feedback and what you’d like to hear in the next episode. email me at leave me a Skype voicemail at simon.schofield63. Or you’ll find me hanging around the FB groups.


Zwiftcast – Episode One – How to listen

How to Listen to the Zwiftcast

The Zwiftcast is hosted on Podbean. Follow the link to access it  – you can stream it, or download it.

Episode One on Podbean

Or search for the Podbean app on your Android or ios device to get it on your phone or tablet.

There is a lower quality version on Soundcloud. This might be useful if you have limited bandwidth. It can be streamed or downloaded from here.

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The Zwiftcast is available on itunes

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This episode is about 1 hr 15 mins long – the perfect length for a Zwift session – listen as you train.

I hope you enjoy the Zwiftcast.